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Paragon Knee Brace Supra

Paragon Knee Brace Supra

Osteoarthritis is a common problem seen in all parts of the world particularly in aged people. The knee is most frequently involved joint site associated with disability in Osteoarthritis in a substantial portion of the population over the age of fifty and spreads more rapidly in some individuals than in others. In simple terms, it arises due to wear and tear of the knee joint with increase in age giving tremendous pain and detains the person from walking and doing routine activities. To get relief from this, they have to either take some pain killer or consult
an orthopedic surgeon.

Total knee replacement is one surgical method to get relief from this, it bears a higher cost so, common people can’t afford to go for it. What is the result after replacement ? They can’t sit cross leg or can’t use Indian toilet. PMR Caliper is a scientific innovation and very simple to wear through which person can walk freely without pain and can sit cross leg. It is substantially cheaper in comparison to the Surgical method.

The technique of “PMR® Polycentric Caliper Supra” is to transfer knee load from Knee joint to calf. It shares the body weight and gives relief to the patient. It is cost effective and affordable for common people.

Consulting Prosthetists and Orthotists & Doctors of Paragon™ Mass Retail Pvt. Ltd. have developed this caliper. They have fitted it to many patients those who were advised for total knee joint replacement and are now comfortable with “PMR® Polycentric Caliper Supra” and carry on activities of daily life effectively.

Functioning of product

“PMR® Polycentric Caliper Supra“ is a mechanical instrument and it shifts body weight directly to calf from thigh at the place of knee which reduces over burden of the knee and stops further damage. Its angulation system corrects the gap between knee joint and straightens the bending knee joints. Reduction in burden on knee gives relax in knee pain to a large extent and give way to natural repairing done by body.


It gives initial result in 10 to 12 days and proper results come in 1 to 1.5 months after proper use of “PMR® Polycentric Caliper Supra" as guided. It is compulsory to use it 4-6 hrs in a day and it has to be used at least for 1 to 1 ½ year. After that gradually its use can be stopped.

How to Measure

1. Firstly let the patient sit on a stool /chair then with the help of measuring tape mark 6 inches above and 6 inches below from the knee center.
2. Now measure the circumference of both the ends in inches only.
3. Measurement should neither be made in more compressed way nor in released manner.
4. If problem is in both legs, take separate measurement of each leg. This caliper is adjustable up to +1 & -1 inches.
5. Besides this take age, weight & height of the patient.

How to Use:

1. Wear the "PARAGON”’ Polycentric Caliper(Supra)" inside your clothes.
2. Put the bigger part of the “PARAGON“' Polycentric Caliper (Supra)" on front portion of thigh and place the smaller part at the back of the calf.
3.Keep the joint of Caliper towards outside of the knee joint.
4. Before wearing Caliper (Supra) rotate its two angulation system with the help of 'allen-key' to give shape to the caliper according to the shape of the leg i.e.
• In case of varus deformity rotate the two angulation system in clockwise direction.
• In case of valgus deformity rotate the two angulation system in anti-clockwise direction.
5. Joint of the "PARAGON”' Polycentric Caliper (Supra)" should be kept parallel to the centre of knee.
6. Then tie the "PARAGON"' Polycentric Caliper (Supra)" according to the sequence of Velcro straps.
7. After wearing the caliper tighten the two angulation system slightly with the help of 'allen-key' in anti-clockwise direction for varus deformity and in clockwise direction for valgus deformity. Every week tighten the two angulation system slightly (Approx. l0°). Do above till the caliper gets straight.
8. If “PARAGONTM Polycentric Caliper (Supra)" slips down while walking, tighten the straps of
caliper again.
9. Use " PARAGONTM Polycentric Caliper (Supra)" for 2-3 hours in a day at the beginning and increase the time gradually as per convenience.
l0. For good results follow the exercise chart provided with the caliper.
l l. If you have any problem with using the “PARAGONTM Polycentric Caliper (Supra)" then contact us telephonically.
l2. For more detail see the CD given with the Caliper.

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