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Giraffe Small

Giraffe Small

Many people will often debate the number of different Giraffe’s in Africa. In fact, there is actually only one species and it is divided into a number of different subspecies and it is based upon various colour and pattern variations that are no doubt the result of different geographical locations (separations). There are all however able to interbreed successfully to produce viable off springs, and are therefore merely races (subspecies). At present, nine major races are generally considered and accepted although there is no complete consensus on this and some scientists recognise more and some less. The horns of Male Giraffe generally grow parallel to each other or outwards at a slight angle. They are robust and encircled (not tufted to a pot) with black hairs that become less conspicuous with age as the horns are rounded and polished by fighting. If the head and horns are not visible, then the belly area is the next best way to see the sex of the Giraffe. Male have a pronounced penile bump on the mid-belly. Females have and more rounded belly with no bump at all. Female Giraffe have narrow horns (asides’) that are totally covered at the tips with small, point tufts of black hair. Owing to the anatomical design of the body, it’s necessary for the legs to bend or be splayed in order for the head to reach the ground. Splaying with legs bent at a steeper manner or playing with straight legs (not bent at the knee). This method is most common observed.
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