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Freely moving hippo

Freely moving hippo
About the Hippo
As they cannot breath underwater, they can only stay under for about five minutes on a single breath. They are air-breathing mammals with lungs, and do not possess any mechanisms-grills or otherwise that obtain oxygen from the water. Conventional mounting occurring water where the buoyancy alleviates the bulk that would make mating on land too cumbersome if not life threatening for the female, as the males hind legs are not long or strong enough to support his weight during mounting.

The Big Teeth
What are the big teeth for?
They are used in visual displays (yawning shows them off to would-be competitors or intruders) and for fighting, against either each other or enemies. They are widely spaced and quite long (especially the lower canines), and as such useless for the gathering of or mastication (chewing) of food. They can inflict serious wounds, the size of the mouth and gape and the power of the jaw muscles producing a weapon that can chop a medium-sized crocodile in two.
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